Who Cares? May Monsoon Mates…

Normally by this time, following the full moon in May, we should be breathing in the aroma of the fresh harvest of mate leaves drying in the Barbaqua. This season the fires have been dampened due to heavy rains. Fortunately forests were not flooded like countless urban regions in South Brasil. However, many of our meta-mates have been affected by the calamities and our well wishes go out to them.

Prior to the onset of the May Monsoons, the Family Gehm had wisely decided to sit out the season to give their forests a rest this year. It is an appropriate time for all of us to reflect on the balance between our consumption habits and our attitudes towards natural resources.

Meanwhile in Berlin, Brandenburg we are threatened with forest fires, sweltering summers and dry-spells. The only bright side of the heat is that it is perfect weather to enjoy refreshing tereres.

Young Activists gathered East of Berlin earlier this month to connect and voice their concerns with regards to the expansion of the Tesla Factory in the region.

In the spirit of real renewable forest energy we rode down with 10L Water to enjoy a round with mates.

We realise that for many Mate is just something you drink every once in a while (perhaps even in a bottle as a sign of protest). But it is deeply rooted in the commons and counter culture, and for us providing mate to such meta-gatherings is our form of activism.

It was an unexpected surprise to find our original brause mates, MunterMate with a small kiosk at the anti-tesla camp, a reassuring sign that there are many who are taking up similar causes.

In the spirit of sacred activism the MateVerse will be setting a space at the Station Berlin towards the end of May to share a meta-moment. We hope to be able to offer the room for reflection and ritual in the midst of a media messe……we look forward to some great mates and sharing some meta moments for those who care!