Tribal Mates….Sunday Stammtisch…2-5pm

The Guarani are one of the largest ethnic groups in Brazil outside the Amazonia region. The culture of drinking mate stems from their connection with the forest spirits and nature. The forests of the native inhabitants of Brasil were invaded over the past centuries. For decades they have been struggling for demarcation of their territories. In recent years there have been attempts from various communities to “take back” their ancestral territories. However these are mostly fenced in by the agribusiness which leads to violent conflicts.

The 19th April is officially set aside by the Brazilian government as a special day to pay homage to indigenous peoples. This is somewhat of a paradox whilst their ways of life are under threat and they continue to face discrimination and violence and the forests continue to be eroded.

We drink in ode to the capitalistic caucasian colonisers of the 23rd century, responsible for the modern day massacre – genocide through gentrification. Seeking salvation in a bottle, numbing our nerves with Netflix.

Similar to the desert of deforestation, our landscape is slowly being eradicated of care-free colourful creativity and instead wrapping it up in pre-processed plastic packaging.

The Künstlers who inhabited the squats in Berlin have like-wise been eradicated by the immobilen mafia with their sky scraping luxury apartments.

These are increasingly inhabited by global expats slaving away for bitcoins and exotic retreats.

The free spaces like our forests have been invaded by commerce. The „lazy“ indigenous were once evicted from their land as property was claimed by the new settlers, ambitious and ready to conquer and create.

Similarly in the city these day, small spontaneous gatherings are on the decrease. A Roda do Mate is the epitome of a sharing circle – to connect and exchange ideas and opinions on an eye-to-eye level – deep rooted in the commons culture.

To maintain ancient practices in a modern day is nearly impossible in a society that is struggling to survive.

We are open on Sunday afternoons this Spring to gather and share a Mate and moments on a Meta level. A donation for the circle is always welcome from those who are able to and you are welcome to bring your own mate to share.

Roda do Mate. Sundays 2 – 5 pm