MetaMateVerse @ re:publica24

It was a peculiar sight in the MakerSpace during Republica24, the renowned festival for digital society in Berlin, to find a simple wooden construction with seemingly archaic hardware named the MateVerse. Over a 69 hour period we managed to serve 108 Mates using about 4.2kg of Mate Leaves and infinite litres of hot and cold water spreading the Meta and connecting with Mates from around the world at the Global Innovation Gathering

Mate in its bubbly brause form fuels festivals such as this where visitors often pay up to 4€ for a bottle of sugar and chemical caffeine. Over the past decade Meta Mate has been on a mission to provide people with the chance to try a real mate in a somewhat traditional style.

Conferences do not provide the calm setting for sitting and sharing a meta moment in silence with a mate. and so we adapted the Angebote and offered single mates in glass cups that were easy to take with and refill with water throughout the day.

We did provide a few options in terms of drinking the mate hot or cold and with a dash of hounder and lime. For some it was a sustainable way to stay energised and hydrated during the day.

The MateVerse was an open space where participants had a chance to stop and savour the moment in the here and now and infuse themselves with some fresh forest energy.  Mate is more than just a natural energiser .  The theobromine and vitamins lead boost the immune system and lift the spirits.  Facilitating communication and sharing time offline, mate is a way of bringing people form different backgrounds together to engage in a dialogue.

In the past Mate used to be a drink to pass around and partake in a ritual of sharing endless time together.  Those days a long gone like the South American rainforests.  Our circles have been disrupted and we re:learn to connect from within.  Living in virtual urban bubbles, we need the renewable fresh forest energy to invigorate us.  

Who Cares? May Monsoon Mates…

Normally by this time, following the full moon in May, we should be breathing in the aroma of the fresh harvest of mate leaves drying in the Barbaqua. This season the fires have been dampened due to heavy rains. Fortunately forests were not flooded like countless urban regions in South Brasil. However, many of our meta-mates have been affected by the calamities and our well wishes go out to them.

Prior to the onset of the May Monsoons, the Family Gehm had wisely decided to sit out the season to give their forests a rest this year. It is an appropriate time for all of us to reflect on the balance between our consumption habits and our attitudes towards natural resources.

Meanwhile in Berlin, Brandenburg we are threatened with forest fires, sweltering summers and dry-spells. The only bright side of the heat is that it is perfect weather to enjoy refreshing tereres.

Young Activists gathered East of Berlin earlier this month to connect and voice their concerns with regards to the expansion of the Tesla Factory in the region.

In the spirit of real renewable forest energy we rode down with 10L Water to enjoy a round with mates.

We realise that for many Mate is just something you drink every once in a while (perhaps even in a bottle as a sign of protest). But it is deeply rooted in the commons and counter culture, and for us providing mate to such meta-gatherings is our form of activism.

It was an unexpected surprise to find our original brause mates, MunterMate with a small kiosk at the anti-tesla camp, a reassuring sign that there are many who are taking up similar causes.

In the spirit of sacred activism the MateVerse will be setting a space at the Station Berlin towards the end of May to share a meta-moment. We hope to be able to offer the room for reflection and ritual in the midst of a media messe……we look forward to some great mates and sharing some meta moments for those who care!

Snowy Mate Spirits

The elements combined perfectly on a Snowy Sunny Midday Monday at the Brazilian Botschaft in Berlin.

Mate is a sacred union between water and earth (forest) energy, and when combined with the act of sitting around a fire in the fresh air, the ritual can be quite magical.

Powerful Prayers are sometimes acknowledged by the spirits.

Paganistic Practices have been virtually erased from modern society with centuries of colonialism and cathocism culminating in a capitalistic culture where we are as disconnected from our roots and plugged in to a digital global matrix.

Sometimes the simple act of sitting around in a circle and sharing a Mate can cut across cultural barriers

From Berlin to Brasil and Beyond, the Holy Shift Activists who gathered on the banks of the Spree with Meta waited to warmly welcome the visiting diplomats with mantras and mate. Due to a water leakage and power failure in the embassy, President Lula and his ministers were unable to attend the sacred ritual but this did not diminish from the celebrations!

Later that afternoon we were able to directly express our gratitude towards the Brasilian environmental minister Marina Silva who has been fighting for forests and indigenous rights for decades.

Germany has pledged over 100 million Euros in answer to Brasil’s request for international support for environmental protection.

Raise Your Hands to Hold up the Sky together!

A Comunidade Berlinense lhe deseja sucesso na busca de soluções sustentáveis para proteger as terras e águas sagradas do Brasil. Em nome da natureza e de seus filhos, vamos criar um futuro igualitário para todos na essa Planeta.

#VivaFloresta #SalveYemanja!

MediMation Invitation

Wer Montags Lachelt hat die Richtige Mate. Those who smile on Mondays have the right Mate. And hopefully by now most of you know that the chances of you finding our doors open on Monday are schlimm…..

BUT we do have an invitation for a MondayMittagMateMob to take in some fresh air and sunshine on the banks of the Spree and share a Mate and prayer for peace to protect the planet. 

Serving Mate in support of Sacred Activism on 4.12 in Märkischer Platz, Berlin.

We will bring some mates and thermoses to share and can fill your gourds up as well with fresh forest energy from the Mata Atlantica.

The festivities will take place from 11-15 hrs, but bearing in mind that it is freezing outside and that most of us are on lunch break, we are making a core calling at 12PM Noon.   

The Brazilian President Lula will be visiting Berlin and the mate will be served symbolically to show our support in the preservation of the forests, waters and people on the banks of the River Spree outside the Embassy.  

Sacred Activism – Serving Mate with Meta

It all started with an invitation to serve mate last new moon on 11.11 at a gathering in celebration of Yemanja and the Elements to raise consicousness & interconnectedness.

Building bridges between Berlin and Brasil under the umbrella of sacred activism in solidarity with protecting the forests, waters and native cultures resonates with the mission of serving mate with metta.

And it is in this spirit that the Mate was shared last month and will be shared again on Monday 4 Dec at noon on the banks of the Spree at Wallstrasse 57, Berlin.

The Brazilian president Lula will be in Berlin on 4.12 and friends from the Holy Shift Project which recently launched the Cacao Coast Crusade against Porto Sul would like to use the chance to catch his attention and send a positive public message.

There is a recognition that this is a David and Goliath move that probably cannot stop the construction of a billion dollar harbor, that is tied to corrupt compromises with China, but there is hope at least tied to make people aware of what is at stake.  

Over the past 50 years under the motto ‘Big Brasil’ that was instituted by the military dictatorship, the destruction of the Amazon and Altantic Forests has accelerated with indigenous tribes massacred and their lands dug up and rivers poisoned with toxic metals.  

Activists continue to be silenced and most live in fear to speak up.  

While it seems we are immersed in  a losing battle that has been fought over centuries with the ancient way of life being lost we cannot give up hope.  

Colonisation and Capitalism destroyed the concept of the commons and collectivism but we who have had the privilege to live in Northern/Western nations and Cultures have the capacity to creatively weave our consciousness in communion.  

Proteção e preservação das águas, florestas e terras indígenas

 Regenerative Growth Vs. Economic Extraction

#VivaFloresta #VivaNatureza #SalveOSagrado 

The artistic images were created by the Brasilian Berlin Artist Iru Waves whose creations are inspired by characters, mythologies, and forest cosmologies.

My art was inspired by the work of the artist Rita Huni Kuin who explores the history of the creation of ayahuasca medicine and my work aims to bring visibility and awareness about the respect for the original people of the Amazon.