MetaMateVerse @ re:publica24

It was a peculiar sight in the MakerSpace during Republica24, the renowned festival for digital society in Berlin, to find a simple wooden construction with seemingly archaic hardware named the MateVerse. Over a 69 hour period we managed to serve 108 Mates using about 4.2kg of Mate Leaves and infinite litres of hot and cold water spreading the Meta and connecting with Mates from around the world at the Global Innovation Gathering

Mate in its bubbly brause form fuels festivals such as this where visitors often pay up to 4€ for a bottle of sugar and chemical caffeine. Over the past decade Meta Mate has been on a mission to provide people with the chance to try a real mate in a somewhat traditional style.

Conferences do not provide the calm setting for sitting and sharing a meta moment in silence with a mate. and so we adapted the Angebote and offered single mates in glass cups that were easy to take with and refill with water throughout the day.

We did provide a few options in terms of drinking the mate hot or cold and with a dash of hounder and lime. For some it was a sustainable way to stay energised and hydrated during the day.

The MateVerse was an open space where participants had a chance to stop and savour the moment in the here and now and infuse themselves with some fresh forest energy.  Mate is more than just a natural energiser .  The theobromine and vitamins lead boost the immune system and lift the spirits.  Facilitating communication and sharing time offline, mate is a way of bringing people form different backgrounds together to engage in a dialogue.

In the past Mate used to be a drink to pass around and partake in a ritual of sharing endless time together.  Those days a long gone like the South American rainforests.  Our circles have been disrupted and we re:learn to connect from within.  Living in virtual urban bubbles, we need the renewable fresh forest energy to invigorate us.  

Is Mate a Tea?

The answer to this question depends on your definition of Tea.

Traditionalists mostly define Tea as all variations of the Camellia sinensis. However, the word is also losely used for infusions (herbal, floral, caffeinated or not).

In Germany most „Tee“ is sold in disposable paperbags which goes against the ceremonial preparation with unique ceramics that enthusiasts celebrated last weekend at the Berlin Tea Festival

We had the priviledge of once again occupying a niche role in showing Mate culture to the curious.

Mate is a world of its own yet we find ourselves constantly translating it into a tea or bottle in order to make it understood by the general public. Just like green, black, oolong and matcha all originate from the same plant, Mate comes in many flavors and colors depending on the sourcing, drying and aging.

In order to blend in we took a banner which had Meta Mate written in Japanese (this symbol was painted by Zen Monk Seigaku and refers to the forest origin and hand made facets of Meta Mate) & a thermos full of 23 tea bags for visitors to ‚try it out‘

The morning started off with a Mate making workshop attended by about 10 people who were encouraged to keep their freshly prepared cuias with them while walking around to arouse some curiosity by other guests.

Those wishing to learn more had the chance in the evening with a 30 min presentation about Meta Mate

On Sunday afternoon we opened up our space for Mate tasting circles and had 2 sessions of creative Mate sharing and trying out the different Mates that we have on offer. We were very pleased with the reception of Mate in a foreign situation and hope to be able to participate once again next year. Thank you to the volunteers, organisers and visitors for an amazing weekend!