Winter Mates & Events

As it starts to get colder outside we are opening up our space for Mate meetups to gather, share a meta moment with some good mates.

Sun 5 Nov 14 – 17 hrs. Mate-Papo Roda de Coisas Politicas This Mate round is specifically targeted towards those wishing to discuss Brasilian economics and politics. Themes that will be touched upon include the capitalisation of natural resources which are endangering the ecology in the name of an export economy. For those of you who are fluent in Portuguese there is a touching talk from Brasilian activists from the Decolonising Brasil Congress that took place in Bonn in October

Sat 11 Nov 20 hrs onwards – in solidarity we will be serving Mate at the Holy Shift Evening to raise consciousness with mates.

Sun 12 Nov 14 – 17 hrs Yalla Matear! Syrian Mate culture differs from the South American origins and it is a symbol of hope & home for the exiled community. In cooperation with Über den Tellerrand we warmly invite you to our bi-monthly Sunday Mate afternoon.

For those of you fluent in Arabic, we recently had a visitor from a Syrian journalist

Sat 18 Nov 10 – 19 hrs Berlin Tea Festival at Heilige Kreuz Kirche

Stop by to try some different brews if you are curious. We will be offering some basic mate workshops past part of the program.

11.15-11.45 Mate making Workshop 17.00-17.30 An introduction to the World of Mate Presentation.

Sun 19 Nov 14 – 17 hrs Berlin Tea Festival Mate Verkostung. In cooperation with the BTA2023 we will be offering a mate tasting of some of our basic mates for those who have never had a chance to drink a mate traditional style.

Advent & End of Year Mates.

Throughout December our shop in Berlin will have extended opening hours to ensure that there are no mate emergencies.

Tues, Weds, Thurs 12 – 19 hrs. Fri & Sat 12 – 20 hrs. Sun. 14 – 17.30 hrs

We will remain closed on Christmas Day (25.12) merely because it is a Monday.