Mate is the fuel that keeps the congress going. For those who attended Mate Making workshops or drank Mate with us at the 36C3 you can FIND THEM HERE

We all drink lots of Mate at the Congress. Pur your bottle aside and let’s try the real thing! Besides the mind awakening and muscle relaxing effects, mate drinking fosters communication

We will combine these aspects in hands on workshops and tasting sessions where participants will be guided through some simple exercises to envigourMATE their daily routine. WE WILL BE DRINKING IN TRADITIONAL STYLE SHARING OUR STRAWS!!!!

The Mate Making Sessions are divided up into 3 parts DAY 1 – We will try a range of standard different mates, pure and learn about how to make, drink and share as well as talk about the health benefits of Mate. DAY 2 – This is not for the purists, we will mix our Mates with different herbs and go through the Rainbow Mate Range, so that you can learn how to play with your Mate. DAY 3 – And now it is time to make your own Mate, learn how to prepare and serve. 

We’re going to get you on your feet to take a deep breath of fresh air, teach you how to take a huge slurp of wild mate and how to communiMATE

There are also Mate Tasting Sessions at the Tea House every Afternoon Day 1-3

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