Sacred Activism – Serving Mate with Meta

It all started with an invitation to serve mate last new moon on 11.11 at a gathering in celebration of Yemanja and the Elements to raise consicousness & interconnectedness.

Building bridges between Berlin and Brasil under the umbrella of sacred activism in solidarity with protecting the forests, waters and native cultures resonates with the mission of serving mate with metta.

And it is in this spirit that the Mate was shared last month and will be shared again on Monday 4 Dec at noon on the banks of the Spree at Wallstrasse 57, Berlin.

The Brazilian president Lula will be in Berlin on 4.12 and friends from the Holy Shift Project which recently launched the Cacao Coast Crusade against Porto Sul would like to use the chance to catch his attention and send a positive public message.

There is a recognition that this is a David and Goliath move that probably cannot stop the construction of a billion dollar harbor, that is tied to corrupt compromises with China, but there is hope at least tied to make people aware of what is at stake.  

Over the past 50 years under the motto ‘Big Brasil’ that was instituted by the military dictatorship, the destruction of the Amazon and Altantic Forests has accelerated with indigenous tribes massacred and their lands dug up and rivers poisoned with toxic metals.  

Activists continue to be silenced and most live in fear to speak up.  

While it seems we are immersed in  a losing battle that has been fought over centuries with the ancient way of life being lost we cannot give up hope.  

Colonisation and Capitalism destroyed the concept of the commons and collectivism but we who have had the privilege to live in Northern/Western nations and Cultures have the capacity to creatively weave our consciousness in communion.  

Proteção e preservação das águas, florestas e terras indígenas

 Regenerative Growth Vs. Economic Extraction

#VivaFloresta #VivaNatureza #SalveOSagrado 

The artistic images were created by the Brasilian Berlin Artist Iru Waves whose creations are inspired by characters, mythologies, and forest cosmologies.

My art was inspired by the work of the artist Rita Huni Kuin who explores the history of the creation of ayahuasca medicine and my work aims to bring visibility and awareness about the respect for the original people of the Amazon.