Meta Mate Raw


Pure purest and most delicate mate dried at low temperatures.  Meta Mate Raw is ideal for those wishing for a mate with lighter flavors but loaded with fresh forest energy with its enriching Vitamin and mineral content.

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textura_rawMeta Mate Raw is hand plucked from forests protected from contamination, frozen to avoid oxidation and dried in very low, controlled temperatures.  This fibre-cut is a novelty that Meta Mate is bringing on the market.  It has a gentle, smooth flavour and an earthy fragrance and is unlike standard Argentinean stored or Brasilian grassy mates.

Due to its unique processing method, this Mate is known as the edible mate and can be sprinkled on your favourite salad or mixed together with student-futter to energize your meals.  This Mate can also be prepared as a traditional tea and has a light algae-like taste to it and lends itself to easy cuia and bomba preparation, however, a true chimarrao drinker might prefer it’s edible capacities.

Here are some of our favourite Meta Mate Raw Recipes for Experiments

More information on how the Raw Mate is made can be found here


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