MetaMateVerse – Workshops for Groups

The MetaMateVerse

We invite you to move on from the Colonial and Capitalistic Cups of Tea and Coffee and infuse yourself in a new dimension in the MetaMateVerse

Your Green-a-Waking Solution

Count on us, We are on a mission to fuel the start-up scene with sustainable fresh forest energy. Whether you are looking for Buro Beverages, a Team Building Event, or just to have a short Seminar and Tasting, allow us to show you how a daily dose of MetaMate can energize your day in a positive way. 

What if we were to tell you that there was a magical herb that would alleviate some of the drudgery associated with the mundane world, that it could perhaps even be good for you? Or at least consuming it could help you stay focused, energised, hydrated and in good spirits? 

Don’t Panic, It’s Organic!

It’s legally green and gives a natural high

Every culture has its beverage of choice.  The colonial era traded with tea, coffee fuelled the Industrial Age, and MetaMate, bursting with green forest energy is ready to spark the re:publica revolution.

Mate drinking fosters communication, thinking out of the box, raises the theobromine levels, and the best thing is that it is sustainably sourced, so you are saving the forests a sip at a time.

You are never alone with a good Mate is what the legends say.  Yet the ritual of drinking mate as a community in today’s modern age seems as archaic as the tribal roots from which it originates. We no longer live in the forests and our DNA is somewhat diverse. 

We have moved out of the forests into concrete jungles and have often left our families far behind. We have convinced ourselves that we are global and urban, having outgrown the wild ways of the natural world. We take our daily doses in tablets and pride our selves in packing all of those functional foods into a bottled smoothie, so that we don’t need to waste time with cooking and eating. 

In this modern individualistic society scarred by social distancing, Mate drinking can facilitate a communal setting rooted in the commons. The ritual of sitting in a circle can facilitate group resonance and enable deep exchange. The caffeine and theobromine content in the mate aid in open communication. 

The benefits of including mate drinking in ones daily habits have been cited by various parties since innumerable times. One does not have to believe the health claims, but the best way to know if it works is to try it out. Just the act of sitting for 20 mins a day in somewhat silence sipping on warm water infused with fresh forest energy could be an interesting pastime…..

Metta Meditation is the cultivation of loving kindness. With MetaMate we wish to spread this feeling of benevolence across the globe with a healing exilir of fresh forest energy.

We have only one planet. We have only this lifetime. Make the most of every moment. Take a deep breathe and connect within. Share a Mate and spread peace and Harmony #MakeMateNotWar #DrinkRenewableForestEnergy

Mate Workshop for Small Groups and Teams:

  • Learn the basics of Mate preparation, the benefits, a bit about the culture (both traditional and Berliner Brause) and try a few different Mates to see if you find one that suits you. 
  • The workshop can be adapted according to the size of the group 
  • Duration: ca. 90 mins. 
  • Location: Meta Mate Berlin / Your Office / a Park. 
  • Group size: 4-12 members. 
  • Price: 10-12 € per participant depending on group. 

* We do offer discounted workshops for students