Fair Trust

Since the very beginning, Transparency and Traceability have been at the core of our values with all of the products that we sell. 

We know where our Mate comes from , how it is made and by whom and when it was produced.  Similarly, we have developed personal relationships with most of our suppliers over the years and are happy to answer all questions that consumers might have. 

While supporting small grassroots producers has always been a priority, we are aware that certain certifications and standards of compliance are easier for larger organisations to adhere to. 

Not all of our products are certified but they all go beyond Organic and Fair trade regarding the quality and the environmental impact.  Wherever possible we source our mates directly, Just as Mate is about sharing and unifying we mirror this connection within our Meta Mate community. 

This is why we came up with the Fair Trust Certification in 2010.  Fair Trust means that the consumer is gaurenteed complete transparency as to where the products originate from, how they are processed and the financial side of things. 


We refrain from ‘push adverstising’ and concentrate on producing the highest quality mate possible. As a business model inspired by Mate itself, a tool for sharing and unifying, we promote a culture of creativity and cooperation.

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