Meta Moment

This generation today spends more time communicating with people in far off lands than any of our ancestors. Many rely on their digital devices as a main source of entertainment and education as we grope our ways through the intangible world wide web

Real life mates are a luxury, in the post pandemie drinking a mate together is as endangered as the forests where these leaves originate from. Rituals are a memory of the past like ancient civilizations. And our thirst to consume can never be quenched. 

In 2010 internationally acclaimed digital artist Michael Saup illustrated the magnitude of our internet consumption by juxtaposing a pyramid made of coal bricks next to an image of the pyramids in Giza. Pyramid Niger, or the avatar of the internet, according to Saup, would have a base of 1422 metres and height of 905 meters. This black pyramid towers over and proportionally illustrated the size the CO2 footprint of our energy consumption of the internet in 2009 101

It is alarming to imagine what that image would look like today as we continue to burn fossil fuels and destroy our forests to sustain our modern way of life with all of its conveniences. The so-called ‚last generation‘ in Berlin has resorted to annoying actions to draw attention to this matter as of late. And while we applaud their attitude, as mate activists we advocate alternative methods. 

In 2012, Saup created a minature mate mountain which provided a strong contrast to Niger, illustrating the amount of renewable forest green energy needed to sustain communication and connection over a Meta Moment. 

These days we are overloaded with endless options and especially those in urban settings often find themselves caught up in the constant stream of social media meet ups…..We often forget to take the time to stop, take a deep breathe, fill ourselves up wiht gratitude and share these feelings of joy with those around. 

At the core of our Meta Mate Mission lies the belief that if everyone were to engange in the daily or at least weekly practice of drinking a mate alone or with others we as people and our planet would be a happier and healthier ecosystem. 

A little bit of Mate goes a long way

It’s not about the quantity but the quality

23g MetaMate + 1LH20 = 1 meta-moment

69g of MetaMate + 6L H20 + 3 ppl = 1 ∞moment

We invite you to give it a try. 

And for those of you in Berlin, Michael Saup’s Avatar will be exhibited from 12 May – 16 July 2023 at. Uferhallen – Uferstraße 8 – 13357 Berlin Wedding

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