Mate do Alemâo – Die Ursprung der Ur-Uru….

Nearly two decades ago, following the death of his grandfather, with whom he used to make mate as a child, Ricardo returned to Linha Lorenz

„I just wanted to do something good with my life. So I went into the forest and prayed with all my heart“

Reviving his roots by harvesting mate from his family forests and firing up the old barbaqua every now and then, Ricardo started to distribute his self-made mate in a grassroots way amongst his friends as Mate do Alemâo.

It was this dream that was the inspiration to bring this „German Mate“ from Brasil to Berlin and beyond and 15 years ago what was to become Meta Mate was born when we joyned Ricardo at Linha Lorenz to harvest Mate together.

None of us were sure where the journey would take us back then, but we truly believed in the power of this special Mate.

The Uru is the one who lights the fire and cares for the drying of the Mate in the Barbaqua. Ricardo’s role in the early years was essential to teach us how to harvest in harmony with Caá.

Today there are many hands that joyn together to make it possible for us to serve you Meta Mate so far away from the forests.

The 2024 season is due to start soon and the mate making region has been engulfed by storms. There have been other seasons when the area was struck by severe drought. Nature is protesting the abuse.

At this point we can only send our prayers to the families and forests who have been affected and hope for some sunshine…