Making Mate – Raw Material

Meta Mate is known for showing customers that mate is more than just mate. Besides our seasonal harvests that vary with taste according to the moon, our drying techniques influence the flavours of the mate greatly, and this contrast is best demonstrated in the difference between our barbaqua and raw mates.

The Raw Mate production has its humble beginnings in an up cycled clothes drying machine, where Jozeane, a food engineer tried to find the best way to dry mate at low temperatures to preserve the mineral content.

Utmost care is given to the hygiene in this production as nothing is heated above 40°C. Meta Mate Raw is the first Mate ever to receive a Demeter certification (biodynamic processing)

Marlon, Jozeane’s husband helping to pack frozen Mate leaves for a new experiment that we are trying. With its freeze drying, Meta Mate Raw has a unique production method.

Besides our freeze dry Mate, Jozeane produces other Mate variations based on the Mate leaf.

Mate Marmalade
Raw Mate Extract

Our Raw Mate production is undergoing some structural changes at the moment. Past productions have been documented, however as a lot of investments have gone into this mate production we are unable to share all of the processing steps as not everyone gives value to the costs of this mate.

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