Lunar Legacy

An eclipse is a time of introspection....a time to go inside and reflect. Without sounding to esoteric, this is also the function of a good mate, to take the time alone, or together with someone to share a moment. The Guarani were said to sit under the stars and have visions while drinking a mate....
It is easy in our modern day and age to forget about these primeval connections that we humans have with the world around us as we quickly prepare our mate to get that morning fix of energy. But perhaps glimpses of this come in a momentary flash while sipping on one of Meta Mate's lunar legacies.

There are rational explanations to ancient superstitions. Although the mate is an evergreen (meaning that the leaves do not fall in winter) the tree like most life goes into a state of hibernation in winter. If one does not wait for the first frost, the fragile sprouts of a freshly cut mate tree will freeze if the temperatures fall below 3°C having fatal effects. Similar to the moon's magnectic affect on the ocean which causes high tide during full moon, the force of the moon pulls the saps of the upwards, thus concentrating all of the healing properties of the mate tree in the leaf. Inaddition, the full moon lights up the forest making it possible to harvest at dawn before the sun rises without any need for external light.

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