How to Make a Mate illustrated

There are many ways to make a mate and everyone has their own technique with special tricks.

Most tutorials however are more suitable for leafy cut Mates while fine cut tutorials are often made by and for a public that has grown up in the chimarrao culture.  drinking mate.   With the help from our friends Dobre Ziele we are happy to share this DIY Mate graphic with you.

  • Fill up the Mate Cup (cuia) with mate leaves (half way or until slightly under the neck)  
  • Tilt cuia so that all of the mate is on one side and use your straw (bomba) to pack the mate down tightly.
  • Keeping the cuia in a slanted position fill up the cuia with cold wate
  • Place your thumb on top of the bomba and insert it into the cuia and then twist it to the side so that the bomba is resting parallel to the wall of mate.
  • Drink out all of the cold water, slurping very strongly at the end, this clears the channels so that the water flows properly after.
  • Serve a mate with hot water, drink and enjoy either by yourself or with a group of friends.