To share or not to share…..

This question is unique to the mate drinking world especially for those coming into contact with the South American side where a mate circle (with ceremonial characteristics) plays a central role in the act of sharing a moment.

You are never alone with a good mate is one interpretation of the legendary Guarani saying.

Yet the ritual of drinking mate as a community in today’s modern age seems as archaic as the tribal roots from which it originates.

We no longer live in the forests and our DNA is somewhat diverse. It seems fitting that in today’s individualistic modern world scarred with social distancing that the notion of to each his own can also be celebrated in a communal way.

The ex-pat Syrian community has embraced Mate for over a century gradually migrating form collective drinking to smaller solo mates in shared social settings.

And the Berliners prefer their bottled beverages (which is indeed a better alternative to the accepted beer chugging that normally takes place)

Sharing a single gourd in an intimate circle can facilitate group resonance or enable deep exchange

And most mate drinkers (such as the author at this very moment) have at least once in their lives experienced the creative energies unleashed with those late night mate sessions alone…..

The benefits of including mate drinking in ones daily habits have been cited by various parties since innumerable times. One does not have to believe the health claims, but the best way to know if it works is to try it out.

Just the act of sitting for 20 mins a day in somewhat silence sipping on warm water infused with fresh forest energy could be an interesting winter pastime…..

MediMation Invitation

Wer Montags Lachelt hat die Richtige Mate. Those who smile on Mondays have the right Mate. And hopefully by now most of you know that the chances of you finding our doors open on Monday are schlimm…..

BUT we do have an invitation for a MondayMittagMateMob to take in some fresh air and sunshine on the banks of the Spree and share a Mate and prayer for peace to protect the planet. 

Serving Mate in support of Sacred Activism on 4.12 in Märkischer Platz, Berlin.

We will bring some mates and thermoses to share and can fill your gourds up as well with fresh forest energy from the Mata Atlantica.

The festivities will take place from 11-15 hrs, but bearing in mind that it is freezing outside and that most of us are on lunch break, we are making a core calling at 12PM Noon.   

The Brazilian President Lula will be visiting Berlin and the mate will be served symbolically to show our support in the preservation of the forests, waters and people on the banks of the River Spree outside the Embassy.  

Sacred Activism – Serving Mate with Meta

It all started with an invitation to serve mate last new moon on 11.11 at a gathering in celebration of Yemanja and the Elements to raise consicousness & interconnectedness.

Building bridges between Berlin and Brasil under the umbrella of sacred activism in solidarity with protecting the forests, waters and native cultures resonates with the mission of serving mate with metta.

And it is in this spirit that the Mate was shared last month and will be shared again on Monday 4 Dec at noon on the banks of the Spree at Wallstrasse 57, Berlin.

The Brazilian president Lula will be in Berlin on 4.12 and friends from the Holy Shift Project which recently launched the Cacao Coast Crusade against Porto Sul would like to use the chance to catch his attention and send a positive public message.

There is a recognition that this is a David and Goliath move that probably cannot stop the construction of a billion dollar harbor, that is tied to corrupt compromises with China, but there is hope at least tied to make people aware of what is at stake.  

Over the past 50 years under the motto ‘Big Brasil’ that was instituted by the military dictatorship, the destruction of the Amazon and Altantic Forests has accelerated with indigenous tribes massacred and their lands dug up and rivers poisoned with toxic metals.  

Activists continue to be silenced and most live in fear to speak up.  

While it seems we are immersed in  a losing battle that has been fought over centuries with the ancient way of life being lost we cannot give up hope.  

Colonisation and Capitalism destroyed the concept of the commons and collectivism but we who have had the privilege to live in Northern/Western nations and Cultures have the capacity to creatively weave our consciousness in communion.  

Proteção e preservação das águas, florestas e terras indígenas

 Regenerative Growth Vs. Economic Extraction

#VivaFloresta #VivaNatureza #SalveOSagrado 

The artistic images were created by the Brasilian Berlin Artist Iru Waves whose creations are inspired by characters, mythologies, and forest cosmologies.

My art was inspired by the work of the artist Rita Huni Kuin who explores the history of the creation of ayahuasca medicine and my work aims to bring visibility and awareness about the respect for the original people of the Amazon.

Is Mate a Tea?

The answer to this question depends on your definition of Tea.

Traditionalists mostly define Tea as all variations of the Camellia sinensis. However, the word is also losely used for infusions (herbal, floral, caffeinated or not).

In Germany most „Tee“ is sold in disposable paperbags which goes against the ceremonial preparation with unique ceramics that enthusiasts celebrated last weekend at the Berlin Tea Festival

We had the priviledge of once again occupying a niche role in showing Mate culture to the curious.

Mate is a world of its own yet we find ourselves constantly translating it into a tea or bottle in order to make it understood by the general public. Just like green, black, oolong and matcha all originate from the same plant, Mate comes in many flavors and colors depending on the sourcing, drying and aging.

In order to blend in we took a banner which had Meta Mate written in Japanese (this symbol was painted by Zen Monk Seigaku and refers to the forest origin and hand made facets of Meta Mate) & a thermos full of 23 tea bags for visitors to ‚try it out‘

The morning started off with a Mate making workshop attended by about 10 people who were encouraged to keep their freshly prepared cuias with them while walking around to arouse some curiosity by other guests.

Those wishing to learn more had the chance in the evening with a 30 min presentation about Meta Mate

On Sunday afternoon we opened up our space for Mate tasting circles and had 2 sessions of creative Mate sharing and trying out the different Mates that we have on offer. We were very pleased with the reception of Mate in a foreign situation and hope to be able to participate once again next year. Thank you to the volunteers, organisers and visitors for an amazing weekend!

Winter Mates & Events

As it starts to get colder outside we are opening up our space for Mate meetups to gather, share a meta moment with some good mates.

Sun 5 Nov 14 – 17 hrs. Mate-Papo Roda de Coisas Politicas This Mate round is specifically targeted towards those wishing to discuss Brasilian economics and politics. Themes that will be touched upon include the capitalisation of natural resources which are endangering the ecology in the name of an export economy. For those of you who are fluent in Portuguese there is a touching talk from Brasilian activists from the Decolonising Brasil Congress that took place in Bonn in October

Sat 11 Nov 20 hrs onwards – in solidarity we will be serving Mate at the Holy Shift Evening to raise consciousness with mates.

Sun 12 Nov 14 – 17 hrs Yalla Matear! Syrian Mate culture differs from the South American origins and it is a symbol of hope & home for the exiled community. In cooperation with Über den Tellerrand we warmly invite you to our bi-monthly Sunday Mate afternoon.

For those of you fluent in Arabic, we recently had a visitor from a Syrian journalist

Sat 18 Nov 10 – 19 hrs Berlin Tea Festival at Heilige Kreuz Kirche

Stop by to try some different brews if you are curious. We will be offering some basic mate workshops past part of the program.

11.15-11.45 Mate making Workshop 17.00-17.30 An introduction to the World of Mate Presentation.

Sun 19 Nov 14 – 17 hrs Berlin Tea Festival Mate Verkostung. In cooperation with the BTA2023 we will be offering a mate tasting of some of our basic mates for those who have never had a chance to drink a mate traditional style.

Advent & End of Year Mates.

Throughout December our shop in Berlin will have extended opening hours to ensure that there are no mate emergencies.

Tues, Weds, Thurs 12 – 19 hrs. Fri & Sat 12 – 20 hrs. Sun. 14 – 17.30 hrs

We will remain closed on Christmas Day (25.12) merely because it is a Monday.

Herbst Harvest 2023

The new harvest arrived in Berlin at the beginning of October and we celebrated this with mate mates over the long holiday weekend.

Apologies that it is not yet available online due to internet issues which should be resolved by November

This season’s harvest is a celebration towards bio-diversity.

We have 6 different Moonshine Harvests for the Craft Mate Fans and in order to facilitate the choices we have put together a selection of the 2023 Harvest Package.

  • May 2023 – Leafy Melody XXL. This 2.5kg package (packed in paper) allows moonshine mate fans to enjoy the handmade harvest. Smoked with Camboata wood, this mate is somewhat mild and ideal for daily drinking through the long cold winter!
  • June 2023 – Moida Fina Extra Forte – Conveniently packed in 2 x 500g this finely ground ‚chimarrao‘ mate from the Family Gehm is not as strong as the name alludes to. Bursting with fresh green forest energy and subtle smokey notes from Pitangueira & Uva do Japao
  • July 2023 – This is a double treat for materos to taste the difference that the craft grinding has on the mate leaves. Vaccum packed in 500g, the Moida Fina Classico has all the attributes of a robust chimarrao. And those who enjoy stronger smokey flavors will be delighted by the Guabiroba & Branquilho aroma of the leafy melody which carefully is preserved by the vaccum packing done by the Family Gehm.
  • August 2023 – Tolotti Fans may rejoice with this years harvest (vaccum packed in 2 x 500g) this fine powedered mate has strong earthy notes and is smoked with (non-aromatic) eucalyptus.

In order to make the choice easy and ensure that all have enough mate to remain cheerful and energized this season we have put together some special offers such as the 5.5kg Harvest package for 123€ or the 2.5kg Leafy Melody with a Bomba Serejo for 49€

Like most others we have finally fallen victim to the price increases. We recognise that many in our community need mate to sustain their daily lives and we have tried to keep our mate margins to a minimum which is why we have come up with this package, and we urge materos to take advantage of this special offer and appreciate the bio-diversity possible with artisanal mate production.

Matober Fest 2023

MatoberFest 2023

Sun 1 Okt, Mon 2 Okt, Tues 3 Okt

After-Noonish Nach-Mittags….

Lass uns zeigen was Einheit bedeutet!

Let’s Mate together!

Friedlich Feiern mit Freude & Freunde

Die neue Ernte 2023 ist in Berlin angekommen! Es ist ein langes Wochenende, die Sonne scheint in der Stadt und wir laden euch ein, einige Meta-Nachmittage mit den besten Mates zu genießen!

Meta Mate is open over the long holiday weekend for sunny afternoon Mates. The new harvest will be available for tasting and taking home.

Meta Mate hat vom 1. bis 3. Oktober nachmittags für alle, die keinen Bock auf Bier haben, auf dem Oktoberfest am Brandenburger Tor geöffnet!

We look foward to drinking a Mate together and kindly request those who can to bring their own equipment with (especially if you are not sure about sharing a bomba)

Bitte bringen Sie Ihre eigene Bomba mit, wenn Sie sich nicht sicher sind, ob Sie sie teilen möchten.

The weekend will be a mixture of mate circles and free coversations…..

In the spirit of Mate, the events are open for all and on a donation basis this weekend. And we request all to behave in a respectful way with Meta (loving kindness)

Sun 1 Okt 2023

13 – 15 hrs Roda do Chimarrao (original Gaucho style) July Full Moon Harvest

16 – 18 hrs Tasting the new 23 / old 23 and MM1.

Mon 2 Okt 2023

14 – 16 hrs Moonshine Mate with Meta Meditation. Leafy melody green vs. Gold / fresh vs. old

16 – 18 hrs Berlin’s Brausen discovering the metamate in the bottle….

18 – 19 hrs The Mate Basics (Powerpoint) Presentation w/ Q&A

Tues 3 Okt 2023

12 – 14 hrs Roda do Chimarrao (original Gaucho style) Linha Lorenz Harvest

14 – 17 hrs Multi Culti Mates….From South America to Syria let’s celebrate the diversity in materos and the unity in the act of drinking together.

Meta Mate Berlin (seit 2010) Straßburgerstr. 16. 10405 Berlin

¡Yalla, a matear!

On a sunny September Sunday afternoon, we once again had the pleasure to host a multi-culti mate-circle in Berlin with friends and mates from Über den Tellerrand.

Sharing a mate in a circle is somewhat of a scarce practice these days in the urban context, and it was inspiring to spend these meta-moments together.

The next event with Über den Tellerrand will be on 12 Nov 2023 from 14 – 17 hrs.

Das Mate-Treffen ist eine mehrsprachige Veranstaltung und findet alle 2 Monate statt. Das Event ist kostenlos, über Spendenbeiträge freuen wir uns aber immer sehr. Die Mate-Treffen sind eine Kooperation von Über den Tellerrand e.V. und der Meta Mate Bar im Prenzlauer Berg

Recipes with Meta Mate Raw

Meta Mate Raw lends itself to numerous possibilities in the kitchen for those wishing to experiment

Energy Balls:  Grind the following ingredients separately:

  • 200g of Nuts (Almonds, Cashews, Hazelnuts & ParaNuts)
  • 250g of Dried Fruits (Dates, Apricotes, Apples)
  • 25g of Meta Mate Raw

Mix items in a bowl and knead into a dough.  Roll into small balls and enjoy.

Use Meta Mate Raw as an add-on in all of your favorite recipes:

Raw Mate makes a great booster in your favourite smoothie recipe.

Smoothies – Soak 1-2 Tbs of Raw Mate in Water or Juice for 5 mins and then blend it together with other ingredients in smoothie or juice of your choice. We recommend stronger flavors like Orange, ginger, Apple to counterbalance the bitterness

Topping: Next time you cook a rice dish, soup, or even bake a pizza, temper this dish with 1-2 Tbs of Raw Mate by just sprinkling it on top 10 minutes before serving to add a little kick to your meal.

Experimenting: Knead 3-4 Tbs of Raw Mate into a bread dough, mix it in your cake batter, use it as a base for your veggie stew, this mate offers foodies the chance to let their creativity run wild.


Use Meta Mate Raw as an add-on in all of your favorite recipes

The recipes below were created and shared by a customer

„The combination of those things for me helped me stop needing to take all my many medicines for diabetes and liver disease.“ by DEREK BUCHANAN


1 1/2 lb of dates blended in a food processor

1 lb of nut of choice blended into butter or fine dust, 1/4 cup of coconut shreds unsweetened ,

10 spoons of cinnamon powder

10 spoons of hemp seeds 10 spoons of chia seeds 10 spoons of flax seeds

5 spoons of nutmeg powder 5 spoons of clove powder 7 spoons of cocoa powder

28oz of dried fruit blended into a paste ( usually raisins, cranberries, blueberry and other squishy dried fruit),

50 grams of raw meta mate( ultra version is easier to use because it contains less fibers), and then just throw all into a bowl and mix and after mixing just push everything together to form into balls.if you leave them in the fridge over night for a day open they will have a more dry texture and will hold better but some people like super squishy like they are when you first put them together.

„This is a big amount I know, but I use this measurement to make everything in one day to use for the whole month. These are also nice because since they are made with all dried materials ; they will last for a long time like raisins. „


2 cups of oatmeal 1/2 cup of granola     4-6 bananas blended into a liquid

1 lb of nut of choice blended into butter or fine dust, 1/4 cup of coconut shreds unsweetened ,

10 spoons of cinnamon powder. 10 spoons of hemp seeds, 10 spoons of chia seeds

10 spoons of flax seeds. 5 spoons of nutmeg powder

5 spoons of clove powder

, 7 spoons of cocoa powder

5-6 teaspoon of cacao nibs, 28oz of dried fruit blended into a paste ( can be any fruit like dried bananas, apples, pineapples etc),

70 grams of raw meta mate.

For this ; everything needs to be mixed by hand in a bowl then compacted and compressed as much as possible into a loaf /brick and then left in the fridge uncovered for a day to join all material together and for it to solidify and then you can just cut slices with a knife.

Energy Balls

Sprinkle some Raw Mate on top of your favourite dishMix your Mate into your Musli

or use it in your favourite smoothie recipe!

How to Make a Mate illustrated

There are many ways to make a mate and everyone has their own technique with special tricks.

Most tutorials however are more suitable for leafy cut Mates while fine cut tutorials are often made by and for a public that has grown up in the chimarrao culture.  drinking mate.   With the help from our friends Dobre Ziele we are happy to share this DIY Mate graphic with you.

  • Fill up the Mate Cup (cuia) with mate leaves (half way or until slightly under the neck)  
  • Tilt cuia so that all of the mate is on one side and use your straw (bomba) to pack the mate down tightly.
  • Keeping the cuia in a slanted position fill up the cuia with cold wate
  • Place your thumb on top of the bomba and insert it into the cuia and then twist it to the side so that the bomba is resting parallel to the wall of mate.
  • Drink out all of the cold water, slurping very strongly at the end, this clears the channels so that the water flows properly after.
  • Serve a mate with hot water, drink and enjoy either by yourself or with a group of friends.