Brain and Body Boosters

One of the primary focuses with running a Mate Space in Berlin is to offer the curious a place to come in contact with the herb, learn more about the culture, experience a tasting and create their own circle.

Due to consumption in popular & football culture, cross-continental migration, and the Beliebte Brause, Mate drinking has been steadily on the rise in Germany over the past decade also amongst youth culture.

In 2023 we extended our Mate Seminars to high school groups (Yerba Mate and Tango are popular cultural themes in Spanish class). Mate is often wrongly categorized as an energy drink abroad due to the high amounts of additional caffeine in the bottles.

While children do not need high doses of caffeine or sugar, real mate contains valuable vitamins and „Bitterstoffe“ that modern diets lack.

In 2018 legislation in South Brasil ruled to include Mate-based food and beverages in the public school canteen menu due to its nutritional content.

While we do still get the silly question if it’s possible to smoke Mate and if the Bomba is a pipe, over the past decade we have witnessed many meaningful moments with teenage mate circles. The benefits of drinking Mate daily can be experienced by students who are often on a budget and opt for inexpensive sources of energy.

In order to support this, we do offer student discounts in our shop for our forest harvested mates (smoked and unsmoked) and are running a special set offer this semester.

Students are not the only ones who benefit. In a recent conversation with Meta-Matero Staniel, we reflected on his stamina and the positive effects of intermittent fasting with mate in his daily sports-regime. Recently his face has been plastered around billboards in Berlin advertising memberships in a local gym, which was a good occasion to promote Stan’s Starter Set again!

According to ‚Das Kleine Tee Buch‘ by Cornelia Osterbrauck, „auch als gut bekömmliches Schlankheitsmittel wird Mate gerne verwendet, da mit ihm auf rein pflanzlicher Basis Durst- und Hungergefühle unterdrückt werden können“

Let the Mate speak for itself! We invite the curious to stop in and try it out. It is possible to book a mate session online, via Groupon or just pop in during our opening hours!