Matober Fest 2023

MatoberFest 2023

Sun 1 Okt, Mon 2 Okt, Tues 3 Okt

After-Noonish Nach-Mittags….

Lass uns zeigen was Einheit bedeutet!

Let’s Mate together!

Friedlich Feiern mit Freude & Freunde

Die neue Ernte 2023 ist in Berlin angekommen! Es ist ein langes Wochenende, die Sonne scheint in der Stadt und wir laden euch ein, einige Meta-Nachmittage mit den besten Mates zu genießen!

Meta Mate is open over the long holiday weekend for sunny afternoon Mates. The new harvest will be available for tasting and taking home.

Meta Mate hat vom 1. bis 3. Oktober nachmittags für alle, die keinen Bock auf Bier haben, auf dem Oktoberfest am Brandenburger Tor geöffnet!

We look foward to drinking a Mate together and kindly request those who can to bring their own equipment with (especially if you are not sure about sharing a bomba)

Bitte bringen Sie Ihre eigene Bomba mit, wenn Sie sich nicht sicher sind, ob Sie sie teilen möchten.

The weekend will be a mixture of mate circles and free coversations…..

In the spirit of Mate, the events are open for all and on a donation basis this weekend. And we request all to behave in a respectful way with Meta (loving kindness)

Sun 1 Okt 2023

13 – 15 hrs Roda do Chimarrao (original Gaucho style) July Full Moon Harvest

16 – 18 hrs Tasting the new 23 / old 23 and MM1.

Mon 2 Okt 2023

14 – 16 hrs Moonshine Mate with Meta Meditation. Leafy melody green vs. Gold / fresh vs. old

16 – 18 hrs Berlin’s Brausen discovering the metamate in the bottle….

18 – 19 hrs The Mate Basics (Powerpoint) Presentation w/ Q&A

Tues 3 Okt 2023

12 – 14 hrs Roda do Chimarrao (original Gaucho style) Linha Lorenz Harvest

14 – 17 hrs Multi Culti Mates….From South America to Syria let’s celebrate the diversity in materos and the unity in the act of drinking together.

Meta Mate Berlin (seit 2010) Straßburgerstr. 16. 10405 Berlin

¡Yalla, a matear!

On a sunny September Sunday afternoon, we once again had the pleasure to host a multi-culti mate-circle in Berlin with friends and mates from Über den Tellerrand.

Sharing a mate in a circle is somewhat of a scarce practice these days in the urban context, and it was inspiring to spend these meta-moments together.

The next event with Über den Tellerrand will be on 12 Nov 2023 from 14 – 17 hrs.

Das Mate-Treffen ist eine mehrsprachige Veranstaltung und findet alle 2 Monate statt. Das Event ist kostenlos, über Spendenbeiträge freuen wir uns aber immer sehr. Die Mate-Treffen sind eine Kooperation von Über den Tellerrand e.V. und der Meta Mate Bar im Prenzlauer Berg

Recipes with Meta Mate Raw

Meta Mate Raw lends itself to numerous possibilities in the kitchen for those wishing to experiment

Energy Balls:  Grind the following ingredients separately:

  • 200g of Nuts (Almonds, Cashews, Hazelnuts & ParaNuts)
  • 250g of Dried Fruits (Dates, Apricotes, Apples)
  • 25g of Meta Mate Raw

Mix items in a bowl and knead into a dough.  Roll into small balls and enjoy.

Use Meta Mate Raw as an add-on in all of your favorite recipes:

Raw Mate makes a great booster in your favourite smoothie recipe.

Smoothies – Soak 1-2 Tbs of Raw Mate in Water or Juice for 5 mins and then blend it together with other ingredients in smoothie or juice of your choice. We recommend stronger flavors like Orange, ginger, Apple to counterbalance the bitterness

Topping: Next time you cook a rice dish, soup, or even bake a pizza, temper this dish with 1-2 Tbs of Raw Mate by just sprinkling it on top 10 minutes before serving to add a little kick to your meal.

Experimenting: Knead 3-4 Tbs of Raw Mate into a bread dough, mix it in your cake batter, use it as a base for your veggie stew, this mate offers foodies the chance to let their creativity run wild.


Use Meta Mate Raw as an add-on in all of your favorite recipes

The recipes below were created and shared by a customer

„The combination of those things for me helped me stop needing to take all my many medicines for diabetes and liver disease.“ by DEREK BUCHANAN


1 1/2 lb of dates blended in a food processor

1 lb of nut of choice blended into butter or fine dust, 1/4 cup of coconut shreds unsweetened ,

10 spoons of cinnamon powder

10 spoons of hemp seeds 10 spoons of chia seeds 10 spoons of flax seeds

5 spoons of nutmeg powder 5 spoons of clove powder 7 spoons of cocoa powder

28oz of dried fruit blended into a paste ( usually raisins, cranberries, blueberry and other squishy dried fruit),

50 grams of raw meta mate( ultra version is easier to use because it contains less fibers), and then just throw all into a bowl and mix and after mixing just push everything together to form into balls.if you leave them in the fridge over night for a day open they will have a more dry texture and will hold better but some people like super squishy like they are when you first put them together.

„This is a big amount I know, but I use this measurement to make everything in one day to use for the whole month. These are also nice because since they are made with all dried materials ; they will last for a long time like raisins. „


2 cups of oatmeal 1/2 cup of granola     4-6 bananas blended into a liquid

1 lb of nut of choice blended into butter or fine dust, 1/4 cup of coconut shreds unsweetened ,

10 spoons of cinnamon powder. 10 spoons of hemp seeds, 10 spoons of chia seeds

10 spoons of flax seeds. 5 spoons of nutmeg powder

5 spoons of clove powder

, 7 spoons of cocoa powder

5-6 teaspoon of cacao nibs, 28oz of dried fruit blended into a paste ( can be any fruit like dried bananas, apples, pineapples etc),

70 grams of raw meta mate.

For this ; everything needs to be mixed by hand in a bowl then compacted and compressed as much as possible into a loaf /brick and then left in the fridge uncovered for a day to join all material together and for it to solidify and then you can just cut slices with a knife.

Energy Balls

Sprinkle some Raw Mate on top of your favourite dishMix your Mate into your Musli

or use it in your favourite smoothie recipe!

How to Make a Mate illustrated

There are many ways to make a mate and everyone has their own technique with special tricks.

Most tutorials however are more suitable for leafy cut Mates while fine cut tutorials are often made by and for a public that has grown up in the chimarrao culture.  drinking mate.   With the help from our friends Dobre Ziele we are happy to share this DIY Mate graphic with you.

  • Fill up the Mate Cup (cuia) with mate leaves (half way or until slightly under the neck)  
  • Tilt cuia so that all of the mate is on one side and use your straw (bomba) to pack the mate down tightly.
  • Keeping the cuia in a slanted position fill up the cuia with cold wate
  • Place your thumb on top of the bomba and insert it into the cuia and then twist it to the side so that the bomba is resting parallel to the wall of mate.
  • Drink out all of the cold water, slurping very strongly at the end, this clears the channels so that the water flows properly after.
  • Serve a mate with hot water, drink and enjoy either by yourself or with a group of friends.

Meta Mate auf Deutsch

Meta Mate ist nicht nur eine Tee aber auch eine Philosophie, bei dem es darum geht, den Moment mit einem guten Mate zu genießen!

Mit Meta Mate möchten wir dieses Gefühl des Wohlwollens mit einem gesunden Getränke aus frischer Waldenergie verbreiten.

Meta bedeutet, die Sache aus einer höheren Perspektive zu sehen

Metta-Meditation ist die Kultivierung der liebenden Güte

Mate (Ilex paraguariensis) hat:Die Energie von Kaffee (Koffein) +Die Gesundheitsvorteile von Tee
(Antioxidantien) +
Das Glücklichmachen von Schokolade (Theobromin)
Photo Credit. Yerba Mate Bulgaria. Graphic Credit Guayaki USA

META MATE is a fresh and wild drink that energizes, puts you in good spirits and gives you your daily dose of vitamins and antioxidents!

Wir laden Sie herzlich in unser Laden in Berlin ein, um eine Mate-Session zu erleben, die Folgendes umfasst

Drink Renewable Forest Energy – Unser modernes Leben ist von den natürlichen Rhythmen abgekoppelt. Mate liefert eine nachhaltig anregende Energie und ermöglicht ein Rituals und meditative Momente im Alltag.

Make Mate Not War – In einer Gesellschaft, die von ideologischen Differenzen geprägt ist, benötigen wir ein Symbol der Einigkeit. Das Mate-Trinken ist eine Tradition, die sozio-ökonomische Grenzen überschreitet und verschiedene Kulturen und Klassen verbindet.

Meta Mate Berlin (seit 2010) Strassburgerstrasse 16. 10405 Berlin Tues – Sat. 12 – 19 hrs.

Meta Moment

This generation today spends more time communicating with people in far off lands than any of our ancestors. Many rely on their digital devices as a main source of entertainment and education as we grope our ways through the intangible world wide web

Real life mates are a luxury, in the post pandemie drinking a mate together is as endangered as the forests where these leaves originate from. Rituals are a memory of the past like ancient civilizations. And our thirst to consume can never be quenched. 

In 2010 internationally acclaimed digital artist Michael Saup illustrated the magnitude of our internet consumption by juxtaposing a pyramid made of coal bricks next to an image of the pyramids in Giza. Pyramid Niger, or the avatar of the internet, according to Saup, would have a base of 1422 metres and height of 905 meters. This black pyramid towers over and proportionally illustrated the size the CO2 footprint of our energy consumption of the internet in 2009 101

It is alarming to imagine what that image would look like today as we continue to burn fossil fuels and destroy our forests to sustain our modern way of life with all of its conveniences. The so-called ‚last generation‘ in Berlin has resorted to annoying actions to draw attention to this matter as of late. And while we applaud their attitude, as mate activists we advocate alternative methods. 

In 2012, Saup created a minature mate mountain which provided a strong contrast to Niger, illustrating the amount of renewable forest green energy needed to sustain communication and connection over a Meta Moment. 

These days we are overloaded with endless options and especially those in urban settings often find themselves caught up in the constant stream of social media meet ups…..We often forget to take the time to stop, take a deep breathe, fill ourselves up wiht gratitude and share these feelings of joy with those around. 

At the core of our Meta Mate Mission lies the belief that if everyone were to engange in the daily or at least weekly practice of drinking a mate alone or with others we as people and our planet would be a happier and healthier ecosystem. 

A little bit of Mate goes a long way

It’s not about the quantity but the quality

23g MetaMate + 1LH20 = 1 meta-moment

69g of MetaMate + 6L H20 + 3 ppl = 1 ∞moment

We invite you to give it a try. 

And for those of you in Berlin, Michael Saup’s Avatar will be exhibited from 12 May – 16 July 2023 at. Uferhallen – Uferstraße 8 – 13357 Berlin Wedding

Mate At Home

They say you are never alone with a good mate. This is what the Guarani God Tupa promised an indigenous elder when he presented this miraculous drink to strengthen him and share with his tribe, the self-proclaimed protectors of this planet. Try our 2019 Craft Moonshine Mates.

In the past years many have had the feeling that the speed of life was accelerating at an uncontrollable rate, and found themselves lacking the time for a quiet moment of inner or close connection. It seems that the societal brakes have been temporarily pulled ….with international travel coming to a standstill, self-inflicted quarantines being put into place, and gathering in public spaces being discouraged. What better time to sit down for a moment and reflect? And what better way than with a (meta) mate?

The time is now…..

Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great. History is calling from the future, a hundred years from now. Calling the conscience of humanity to act with the fierce urgency of now. This is the time. 

The third world war — of profit versus life — is already underway. Humanity itself is on the brink of the abyss: our potential extinction. We face a breakdown of all life, the tragedy of tragedies: the unhallowed horror. 

Time is broken and buckled, and seasons are out of step so even the plants are confused. Ancient wisdoms are being betrayed: to every thing there was a season, a time to be born and a time to be a child, protected and cared for, but the young are facing a world of chaos and harrowing cruelty. In the delicate web of life, everything depends on everything else: we are nature and it is us, and the extinction of the living world is our suicide.

Something in the human spirit, too, is threatened with extinction. Many feel exhausted, ignored, lonely and anxious. Humiliated by poverty and inequality, crushed by debt, powerless, controlled and trapped, many feel defrauded of what should rightly be theirs. Societies are polarised, people estranged from each other and sundered from the living world.

Only when it is dark enough can you see the stars, and they are lining up now to write rebellion across the skies. There is no choice.

This is a rebellion for the young people and for the ancestors.

This is for the forests and the forest medicines, for the trees of wisdom, the trees of life and the living waters of the Nile and the Yangtze, the Tigris and the Ganges. This is for the seven seas, in seven directions, down to the seventh generation.. 

The world’s resources are being seized faster than the natural world can replenish them. Children can do the maths on this, and know they are being sent the bill. 

Worldwide, the heaviest emissions have been produced by the richest nations, while the heaviest consequences are being felt by the poorest. Reparation is needed. So is recognition: that Europe stole its wealth through its imperialism, colonialism and slavery. 

Indigenous cultures have suffered the devastation of their lands, the extinction of their languages, knowledge and wisdom. And in their rebellions they have long evoked an Earth manifesto, saying we are the land: as earth-guardians, we are nature defending itself; land is alive, unfathomably deep, and there is intelligence within nature, thinking, spirited and alive.

Extinction Rebellion is a rebellion against the heartless, loveless and lifeless delusion of seeing Earth as dead matter; against patriarchy’s domination and control of women and the Earth, against the militarism that destroys living lands, wages war for oil and kills those who protect the green world. 

This rebellion uses the finest weapons: peace, truth and love. It is strictly non-violent as an active stance — Ahimsa — preventing violence. For this, it is willing to take disruptive, loving and effective direct action, thinking big. Take the planet off the stock market. Make ecocide law. Rebel with cause. Rebel with creativity. Rebel with compassion. Rebel together because together we are irresistible.

With serious, clear-eyed urgency, we have to mobilise now for deep adaptation for what is inevitable. Humans are by nature cooperative, and times of crisis can be times when life is lived transcendently, for a purpose beyond the self. No individual alone is fully human, as the African concept Ubuntu shows: our humanity results from being in connection with each other. Believing that there is no Them and Us, only all of us together, 

This is life in rebellion for life.

– curated by Jay Griffiths with XR UK Vision team

Bio for the Butterflies!

Pesticides? No Thank you! Together with the Alliance for a Grandkids‘ suited Agriculture we are providing a model for biodynamic sintropic reforestation. The reforestation project was relaunched in January 2020 to prepare the ground for planting a project that will bear fruits for future generations.

In February 2020 we were joined by Stefan Voelkel, (organic juice producer) to explore the benefits of planting Biodynamic Mate. Together with Voelkel Juice from Germany we want to ensure that there are organic mate forests for future generations#mate#reforestation#demeter#drinkrenewableforestenergy#butterfly

Mate drinking is about cooperative connections. Biozisch – von Baume zum Brause. We are happy to co-create projects with our partners #reforestation#drinkrenewableforestenergy#metamate#corporateresponsibility#sintropia#ackergifteneindanke

Plan(t) ing our future! We 💚 our mates and want to make sure that younger generations can enjoy this euphoric drink around the world. Drink Renewable Forest Energy! Von Baum zum Brause!  #biozisch#reforestation#greenenergy#demeter#ackergifteneindanke

We want to one day see Mate forests with beautiful butterflies flying around! And thanks to the reforestation project with Voelkel Juice this will one day become a reality. Here in this video Stefan explains the significance of the reforestation work we are starting.

4 Generations & Further – Family Gehm

The Family Gehm – Felipe, Ticiano & Simone Gehm. Fabricio do Canto. Vilsom & Salete Gehm, Leticia & Raven, Tiago Gehm.
Photos by Victor Hugo Cecatto

Autonomous farmers like Family Gehm are now officially permitted to produce organic craft mates. Although they are not yet officially Demeter certified, the practices and values of those families goes beyond, and normally agencies and university teachers come to learn about mate and forest agriculture from them. They are pioneers!

20 years ago Vilsom Gehm transformed soya monoculture into mate forest. Meta Mate’s Moonshine Mates are harvested in the twilight under the full moon, processed before sunrise, using aromatic medicinal wood to dry the leaves. The Family Gehm is the very first and still the only family in Brazil allowed by law to harvest and process mate in traditional small scale model.

Since 4 generations the Family Gehm has been producing Mate and are still going strong. Felipe Gehm says when he grows up he wants to help his dad make mate and we look forward to enjoying future harvests.

The January 2020 harvest will be available soon at