A Royal Reception

Yes, we never leave home without our Guamboos,

Flying into the main Brasilian Airport in Sao Paulo is a delight for Mate fans. After spending a sleepless night cramped in small seats in a full flight it was a relief to land (despite the fact that it was 4am) and finally stretch our legs.

Finally, it is possible to go through security checks with Green Herb and Bomb(a)s in your bag and not be considered a terrorist. You won’t be glared at by the waitress when you ask for your thermos to be filled up with hot water. You will not be made to empty out all liquids from your thermos before flying. And just in case you have a few hours to spare in the airport, tucked away in Terminal 3 is Mate’s answer to fast food coffee chains.

Rei do Mate could be compared to McDonalds or Starbucks, except the menu is largely based on Mate. Although the first location was opened 40 years ago and there are now over 300 outlets across the country, Rei do Mate has managed to keep a low profile.

Meta Matero Ecological Activist Professor Philomena was there to welcome us at the airport and enjoy a few mates together early in the morning.

From Mate Lattes, to smoothies, to chilled mate on the taps, the menu at Rei do Mate is filled with several options for mate fans. And in case you are a purist but your mate is not, no worries, unlike a certain bar in Berlin, Rei do Mate does serve coffee, green tea and has several snacks. Personally we enjoy the Acai Mate Smoothie and a cup of Pao de Queijo!

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