Serving the freshest Mates East of the Atlantic  for over 12 years, Meta Mate continues to remain one of Berlin’s best kept secrets.  Tucked away on a forgotten road in Prenzlauer Berg,  Meta Mate is a paradise for Mate fans and a great starting point for those wishing to start on their mate journey

With a variety of mates from traditional South American brands to a selection of local bubbly brews, Meta Mate’s speciality lies in our passion for sharing mate culture with the world!

Visitors can enjoy a freshly brewed mate and infuse themselves into a new dimension!

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Meta Mate

Meta Mate is more than just a cafe where Mate is served and goes  beyond your regular mate brand.    Meta Mate is a philosophy and lifestyle centered around enjoying the moment with a great mate! 

Metta /ˈmɛtə/ (in Theravada Buddhism) meditation focused on the development of unconditional love for all beings.

Meta means about the thing itself. It’s seeing the thing from a higher perspective instead of from within the thing, like being self-aware.

Photo credit : Yerba Mate Bulgaria

Mate is often defined as a bitter infusion of the leaves of a South American shrub, which is high in caffeine. Mate is one of a matched pair, a friend or companion or the act of coming together to breed.

Metta Meditation is the cultivation of loving kindness.

With Meta Mate we wish to spread this feeling of benevolence across the globe with a healing exilir of fresh forest energy.


Meta Mate’s strength lies in the ancient knowledge from the Guarani Nation joined by scientific research to provide the best mate possible considering the environment and consumer’s needs. Meta Mate is 100% from old-growth trees dried traditionally by small farmers or industrially. We are pioneers in offering directly sourced, fresh & wild handmade Mates from Brasil to Berlin and Beyond. 

We develop innovative products with local artists both in Europe and Brazil and cooperate with industrial partners combining sustainability with  technology. We aim to bring the highest quality Mate into the Urban Context.  

All of our products are available at our Shop in Berlin or can be ordered  online.

Meta Mates  Fresh and Wild . Hand-plucked and made in a traditional way from trees in old-growth forests available in different varieties.

cuiasCuias (Mate cups):
   Unique hand-made ceramic cuias from Antares Ceramic in Berlin  are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors.    From high-tech thermoglasses to traditional calabasa gourds, We offer a variety of alternatives to a normal cup!


Bombas: High quality inox bombas 100% lead free are suitable to enjoy leafy but also Brazilian style powdery erva-mate, with some innovative designs in a premium quality

Healing Herbs – Rescuing the tradition of healing with herbs, we encourage the practice of using mate for its original purpose and with local hand collected herbs .

Tasting and CeremoniesWe offer research, recipes and advice for both consumers and industrial partners.


Fair Trust

Since the very beginning, Transparency and Traceability have been at the core of our values with all of the products that we sell. 

We know where our Mate comes from , how it is made and by whom and when it was produced.  Similarly, we have developed personal relationships with most of our suppliers over the years and are happy to answer all questions that consumers might have. 

While supporting small grassroots producers has always been a priority, we are aware that certain certifications and standards of compliance are easier for larger organisations to adhere to. 

Not all of our products are certified but they all go beyond Organic and Fair trade regarding the quality and the environmental impact.  Wherever possible we source our mates directly, Just as Mate is about sharing and unifying we mirror this connection within our Meta Mate community. 

This is why we came up with the Fair Trust Certification in 2010.  Fair Trust means that the consumer is gaurenteed complete transparency as to where the products originate from, how they are processed and the financial side of things. 


We refrain from ‘push adverstising’ and concentrate on producing the highest quality mate possible. As a business model inspired by Mate itself, a tool for sharing and unifying, we promote a culture of creativity and cooperation.


Cure ur Cuia

Caring for your cuia is an essential part of mate hygiene. A well-seasoned calabash can last a lifetime. There are many techniques for curing your mate gourd before using involving elaborate rituals of soaking it with used mate leaves, or setting the insides on fire with alcohol and then coating with honey for 24 hours. …